‘Good Life Gang’ Provides Education, Collaboration, and High Level Networking for Industry Leaders

For far too long, the critical information surrounding the cultivation and extraction of cannabis has been held extremely tight by those in the know, with very little collaboration or exchange of ideas. Why this has traditionally been the case is not a secret, however. For decades, those dedicated to the plant have operated in the shadows of society, constantly ducking corrupt law enforcement from one side and criminal competitors on the other.

While we understand people’s reluctance to step up and help to educate others during those darker days, there is no denying that the hoarding of tech (technique and technology) definitely led to more than one home hash lab explosion or cultivation catastrophe that could have potentially been avoided.

The cultural tables have turned on cannabis in the past ten years and the negative stigma surrounding it is quickly going up in smoke. While still federally illegal (for now), more than 3/5ths of the U.S. now has some form of medical marijuana laws on the books at the state level, and 10 states have taken the next step to legalize the adult recreational use of the plant.

The result is the fastest growing industry in the United States which is expected to top $20 billion in legal sales by next year. Unfortunately, big money corporations suddenly see the cannabis dollar as a good dollar and blue-suited Chads are flooding the legal markets with fancy pitch decks and fancier shoes, but not much real-world plant-touching experience. Their lack of time in the trenches and dirt under the fingernails is a setback for them, but a temporary one as money can disguise inexperience rather effectively.

So, the race is now on.

What was a secret before will inevitably be industry standard, so the small to mid-size cannabis brands and companies struggling to survive today have no more time to waste when optimizing their own operating procedures.

The days of trial and error are over.
The days of experimentation have moved from garages, backyards, and basements into fully equipped science labs.

As a legacy operator, it is easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond. With the cost of entering and competing in the legal market so high, and profit margins so low (if they exist at all), it is more essential than ever to be maximizing your time – and your yields –  if you hope to ride out this initial wave of hardship.

The good news is, you are not alone – the Good Life Gang has got your back.


Founded by a fella who goes by the moniker Future4200, the Good Life Gang is a private membership information sharing club featuring members worldwide collaborating with one another online on everything from preferred procedures to pricing.

The Gang is focused primarily on cannabis extraction techniques and the gear to make it happen, with the added benefits of face to face social networking and deep discounts for members only with some of the top manufacturers in the sector. As they say on their website, “A strong community full of positive relationships is a powerful foundation for growth.”

Speaking of growth, the Good Life Gang originally took root on a rapidly growing internet forum found at www.future4200.com. This engaged community skips the drama and cutthroat nature found too often on the supply side of the cannabis culture and instead focuses on empowering one another for the greater good.

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Initiation into the Good Life Gang is simple. With various levels of entry to fit all needs and budgets, your signup fee is a drop in the bucket compared to your potential earnings – think of it as an investment into yourself. Besides a snazzy new lab coat, the GLG will provide you with unlimited access to a private members-only section of the Future4200.com forum as well as unlimited access to dozens of detailed SOPs (standard operating procedures) covering nearly all aspects of marijuana cultivation and extraction.

Additionally, GLG members receive invitations to semi-regular in-person meet-ups, live classes, and networking seshes where we have personally witnessed high-level deal-making going down. As a Good Life Gang member you’ll also be given a long list of affiliate partners who offer mindblowing deals 24/7 exclusively to this group.


Permaculture is not a particularly new concept but the idea of regenerative farming and the utilization of natural ecosystems has become a welcome trend in the legal cannabis market and resides in the heart of the Good Life Gang founder, Future4200.

Permaculture is often defined as a “design” science – like Fibonacci spirals, for example – that revolves around identifying and replicating successful natural patterns. Though it most often takes on a botanical connotation, this same concept could be aptly used to describe the goal of the Good Life Gang when it comes to identifying and replicating successful extraction techniques.

There is no longer a valid excuse for hoarding ideas and tech. Safety is paramount – safety for those actually performing the extractions and safety for those consuming the end product.

That has always been our focus here at Optimal Genetics and now, powered by the collaborative efforts we have discovered in the Good Life Gang, we are proud to share what knowledge we have amassed over the years and we are humbled to hear others’ ideas on how we can improve even further.


Cannabis concentrates and extracts accounted for just 10% of overall legal sales in 2014. By the end of last year though, that market share had nearly tripled, up to 27% as it outpaced the growth of flower and edible sales. 58% of all concentrate spending last year was on pre-filled vaporizer cartridges, like the highly refined options offered here at Optimal Genetics.

Unfortunately, not all brands are as morally grounded as we are and the result has been a slew of negative headlines about counterfeits and failed lab tests. This is exactly why it is so crucial to spread honest and accurate information both to extractors and to the consuming public so that everyone can make more informed decisions.

By the end of 2022, industry analytics experts predict that the concentrate market will overtake the demand for flowers by raking in an estimated $8.5 BILLION in legal sales.

At Optimal Genetics, Inc. we take our role in this industry very seriously. If we won’t vape it, we won’t sell it. Luckily for us, the quality of our product has never been a problem and the Good Life Gang has further helped us to refine our tech and our message as we look ahead to what comes next.

Interested in learning more about the Good Life Gang?

At Optimal Genetics we strive to always source the highest quality flower from sustainable sources to provide our end user with the ultimate blend of value and uncompromised quality.
Post by Jack Riordan

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