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Blue Milk

The origins of this strain are mysterious, as if it came from another galaxy via eons of intergalactic travel – becoming more and more dank on the way. This unique concoction is a blend of tropical flavors including pineapple and dragon fruit with subtle hints of strawberry and lime. Escape to your own private galactic oasis each time you take a rip of Blue Milk.

Fire OG

The term ‘fire’ is commonly used in contemporary settings as a synonym for very good, fantastic, or overwhelmingly awesome. In this sense, it is more than appropriate for describing our Fire OG. Its heady aroma tantalizes the nose, reminiscent of a light skunky smoke with sweet herbal notes. Fire OG is substantial, it burns anytime it’s needed.


Sometimes, you just want something a little smoother. While calling it creamy would be an overstatement, this blend lacks the notorious bite of certain other blends carry. Berry tangs are notable, intertwining with floral notes, resulting in this blend’s gentle intentions. Our Gelato caters to the patient seeking a path of least resistance in the quest toward daily elevation.


Don’t be fooled by the name, this strain is not to be taken lightly. Unlike the kind little kiddies who show up on your doorstep selling thin mints, samoas, and those delightful peanut butter biscuits, GSC is a true killer. This is the diabolical descendent of two heavy-hitters so magnificent that our lawyers recommended we avoid naming them. Essentially, the only option is to try out GSC. Then, it can put you on your back, flailing limply like an upended turtle. This blend effectively eliminates bummer, stress, and the ability to function normally in social situations. Please use in moderation if you’re headed into the human world. However, if you’re staying in, be prepared to eat everything in the refrigerator as you discover cosmic patterns in the ceiling.

Master Kush

There are many claimants and pretenders to the throne of mastery. This title is taken, however, not granted. Unlike those seeking easy glories, our Master Kush has been tested and retested in certified laboratories until there was no room for doubt. We are proud to fly its flag above this, our crown jewel. We welcome you, our loyal and knowledgeable customers, to assess this blend for yourselves and enjoy its warranted reputation. Fondly reminiscent of the classic OG we all grew up adoring, Master Kush’s steadfast pine, brisk earth, and staunch woody spirit make it the perfect flagship.

Paris OG

Here in California, we pride ourselves on our OG strains. This terpene blend, the infamous Paris OG, is floral and herby. Its inherent current carries an introductory citrus tang that wanes through the taste. The heavy flavor is slightly more reminiscent of lemon but exhibits the pleasant pressure sensation around the temple characteristic of familiar profiles. Effective as a temporary increase in gravity, this relaxation-oriented blend is popular throughout our patient spectrum.

Purple Punch

To begin, there is a big difference between the taste of “grape” when compared to “purple”. Starting with the similarities: both are sweet, both boast a succulent smoothness that rolls around the back of the mouth, and yes, both are extraordinarily delicious when done right. However, grape has a depth of earthy tartness to it. It’s almost as though the vine that grew the grape leaves a faint herbal echo behind. Purple, on the other hand, is pure gravy train. It’s more like cruising down a lazy river made of dank fruity goodness. Purple Punch’s deep heaviness manages to stay clean through a journey that can sometimes become a bit too sticky.


A local favorite that rapidly outgrew its native boundaries within the greater Los Angeles area, San Fernando Valley OG shows its teeth as a prominent new member within the Optimal Genetics arsenal. An innate herbal bouquet is moderated with pine and citric tones but contains a refreshing updraft of earthy mint. This blend has performed admirably across the board, serving as a remedial treatment toward the strain of everyday life but possessing the fortitude necessary to distinguish itself amongst the demanding whirlwind of party atmospheres.

Strawberry Banana Creme

It’s common knowledge that the strawberry and banana belong together. This blend just includes a dash of cream to keep everything interesting. The resulting experience is a blissful free float down a kaleidoscopic swirl of red and yellow against a white background. The puckered berry sting is playfully sheathed in a friendly, plantain touch before plunging deep into a lake of richly heated, churned-milk custard. Strawberry Banana Creme’s simple approach takes the unsullied sweetness of a dairy base and bespeckles it with more-than-welcome fruity notes.

Wedding Cake

Sometimes, you just want something sweet. This, our equivalent to a dessert wine or Moscato, Wedding Cake caters to those with slightly more partial palates. The familial cross of cookie and pie, this blend is ripe, bursting with a succulent flavor that is rounded discreetly by the earthly dimensions of rustic pepper and scented cedar. When the savory spectrum no longer proves sufficient, this dulcet of a blend provides a warm, decadent alternative.

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